This is the official 2010 movie trailer of The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis.

The Plot:

A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind. The movie is a narrator-rendered story by Eli (Denzel Washington) himself while he tells his struggle to cross the barren wasteland that America had become after war ravaged the country. He fights off thugs and criminals to protect the book which mysteriously holds the answer to reviving humankind.

The Stars:

Denzel Washington as Eli
Gary Oldman as Carnegie
Malcolm McDowell as Lombardi
Mila Kunis as Solara
Jennifer Beals as Claudia
Michael Gambon as George
Ray Stevenson as Redridge
Tom Waits as Engineer
Lateef Crowder as Highjacker #3
Frances de la Tour as Martha
Chris Browning as Hijacker Leader
Don Tai as Hijacker #2
Joe Pingue as Hoyt
Lora Cunningham as Young Woman Hijacker (as Lora Martinez-Cunningham)
Scott Michael Morgan as Construction Hijacker
Luis BordonadavRico

Movie Critics Reviews:

N/A - Official movie opening is January 15, 2010


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