This is the 2009 official Surrogates movie trailer in High Definition starring Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell and Rosamund Pike. Click the picture left to get the DVD.

The Plot:

Bruce Willis stars in this fictional futuristic movie where humans have been living in isolation and technology have created a human convenience of only living through "Surrogates" and actually living in isolation. Willis character as a surrogate cop gets destroyed along the way while he was investigating a series of crimes involving the destruction of several surrogates which prompts him to arise with his own human body to solve the mystery of these murders.

The Stars:

Bruce Willis as Tom Greer
Radha Mitchell as Peters
Rosamund Pike as Maggie
Boris Kodjoe as Stone
James Francis Ginty as Canter

Movie Critics Reviews:

Boston Globe (Ty Burr) -"With breathless lines of dialogue like “Their brains were liquefied in their skulls!’’ - referring to onscreen characters, not the audience - it’s awfully tempting to let “Surrogates’’ review itself. In fact, the latest Bruce Willis futuristic action rama-lama is a reasonably watchable sci-fi B movie, a case of a good director and some intriguing ideas struggling to overcome formula plotting, limp dialogue, and a serious case of the sillies. Give credit to filmmaker Jonathan Mostow for keeping the movie on track; give credit to star Bruce Willis for keeping a straight face."

Chicago Tribune (Geoff Berkshire) -"Produced by Disney, “Surrogates” is one step removed from a cartoon. And I don’t mean “WALL-E.” An intriguing premise is squandered on a routine murder mystery and heavy-handed metaphors for how humanity sacrifices personal connection in favor of technology (how thought provoking!). For awhile the movie is as laughable as the blond wig decorating the Willis-surrogate’s head (in an uncomfortable decision for both Willis and the audience, he’s surrounded by younger, better looking co-stars as the movie stresses the physical perfection of surrogates). Rhames overacts to a ridiculous degree, the special effects make “G.I. Joe” look groundbreaking, and the garish cinematography is a visual nightmare of Dutch angles and over saturated colors. But the movie is ultimately too boring to rival the greatest campy sci-fi misfires. By mixing a detective story and futuristic robots the filmmakers were likely aiming for the next “Blade Runner.” They wound up with the next “Battlefield Earth.”


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